Entrepreneur, owner of 3Aurea sas, web marketing consultant and father of Giuseppe and Gabriele


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I am an entrepreneur, owner of 3Aurea sas, web marketing consultant and father of Giuseppe and Gabriele


About Me

I graduated in Political Science, specialising in Economics, from the University of Padua and I have been dealing with digital marketing strategies since 1999.

My approach to marketing started from the tourism sector. For four years, I had been in charge of the online strategies for TH Resorts Hotelturist spa.

In the following years, among other things, I was responsible for the web marketing planning and coordination for Boscolo Tours spa and the online advertising strategy for Atahotels spa (now UNA Hotels).

I also developed the digital promotion strategy for Residencehotels spa, a hotel chain in Trentino, and for Hotel Terme Venezia in Abano Terme.

In addition, I handled the creation of the Italian version of Jadranka Hoteli website, a tourism group in Croatia

Digital Strategic Planner
Data Analyst


Entrepreneur Activities

After several years of specialisation in the travel sector, I had the opportunity to make use of my experience in other sectors as well. I founded WMI® srl and began my collaboration with Alessandro Sportelli from which the Connection Manager project was born.

Within WMI, Alessandro Sportelli and I wrote the book "Il Succo del Web Marketing" (Edizioni Libreria Strategica) and launched the WMI Course (Strategic Web Marketing Course), which was attended by over 400 entrepreneurs and web marketing consultants.

During this period, we have re-elaborated and improved the concepts of Domanda Latente (people who are not directly searching for a product/service but may need it) and Domanda Consapevole (people who are consciously searching for a product/service) — today widely spread in Italy in the field of web marketing — to explain how to intercept potential customers. In the last few years, I have also worked alongside important clients with 3Aurea - my consulting firm.

I collaborated in the reorganisation of the online presence of Villa Crespi Relais & Châteaux and the e-commerce launch strategy for the starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

I planned and currently manage the B2C channel sales strategy for the Swiss market of Amici Caffè AG (F. Illy) and for the DOMORI chocolate e-commerce (Illy Group).

I am also co-owner of RistoratoreTop®, a company that deals with marketing for the food service sector. Over the years, besides my consulting activity, I have held lectures on strategic web marketing, web copywriting and email marketing, participating as a speaker in the main events and conferences about online Marketing and communication.

Domanda Latente e Domanda Consapevole