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What is ConnectionFunnel?

Definition: ConnectionFunnel® is a working method aimed at developing effective web marketing strategies. It connects buying process with the sales one.

Alessandro Sportelli and I have invented, elaborated and integrated it during 15 years of study and work in the world of marketing. 

The use of the ConnectionFunnel method (not Connection Funnel, but written all attached, to strengthen the concept of connection between buying and sales process) allows to identify and design the correct marketing strategy for a company.

The strategy makes sense only if it is a consequence of the Buying Process analysis of the company’s customers.


ConnectionFunnel | Manuel Faè

Defining proper strategic planning is necessary to identify the best tactics and tools to pursue your objectives. 

Specifically, it helps you to: 

  • intercept new potential customers;
  • manage the connections to turn them into acquired customers;
  • build their loyalty to bring them to buy back your product/service (and make them ambassadors of your company able to attract more customers).

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Why ConnectionFunnel® exists: the 4 Web Marketing Knowledge Levels

Talking about web marketing and online sales strategies, we often focus on certain tools without wondering how they can be effectively integrated into a web marketing plan. Therefore, since you do not know the real reason why you should use one tool instead of another in specific cases, often the choice is made without logic and this inevitably leads to a waste of time and money.

Understanding the basics of strategic web marketing means having the necessary information to understand what we really need in our case, so to plan the right strategy and choose the right tools to achieve our goals.

Just to answer the question “Why does the ConnectionFunnel® exist?”, you first need to know the 4 web marketing knowledge levels: tools, tactics, strategies and method.

Connection Funnel Strumenti, Tattiche, Strategie, Metodo | Manuel Faè


Here are some examples of tools: website, e-commerce, social networks, email, analysis systems (e.g. Google Analytics), Pay per click (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads), etc.

Tools are the last thing you need to deal with when planning your strategy, not because they are not important but it is only in the phase of application that you can define which ones to use for your case. There are no tools that are valid in all cases.


Tactics is the ability to use one or more tools to achieve a goal. This can be an end result (e.g. selling) or an intermediate result (e.g. increasing the number of visitors to your site). In the latter case we are talking about KPIs or performance indicators that only acquire value if accompanied by results — if you increase the number of visitors to your website but sales do not increase, then this increase will not have any significant value.

Remember: tactics only make sense if thought out within a structured strategy.


Strategy is the set of tactics that work together to achieve the objective.

As we mentioned at the beginning, strategy necessarily changes from company to company based on the different product/service and the buying process of its customers. In different sectors, the factors that influence customers’ decisions are clearly different. The ConnectionFunnel® method helps us to identify the most suitable strategy for our case.

However, it must be said that there are also sector strategies, i.e. strategies already tested by others that can be easily shared by similar companies (i.e. companies that sell the same type of product/service).

ConnectionFunnel® Method

In the absence of proven strategies, the ConnectionFunnel® Method comes to our rescue by helping us to develop the strategy from scratch through two steps:

  • analysis of the market and the buying process of its target group
  • strategy development

Remember: knowing the method means knowing that there are more ways to achieve the goal and that it is not the strategy that depends on the tools, but the tools on the strategy.

Manuel Faè | Connection Funnel

The ConnectionFunnel® Logic

Therefore, to develop a web marketing strategy using the ConnectionFunnel® method you have to:

  1. identify your customers’ buying process;
  2. develop a strategy based on the identified buying process.

The BUYING PROCESS is the mental path that pushes the customer to buy a product/service (also called Customer Journey) and is divided into 4 macro-phases:

  • Discovery or Problem: the potential customer discovers for the first time a product/service or a problem to solve
  • Acquisition of information: the potential customer is looking for information about the product/service or the problem/solution to the problem just discovered
  • Purchase: the potential customer buys the product/service
  • Satisfaction or dissatisfaction: the customer assesses whether the product/service has met his/her expectations. 

Remember: customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction can affect the buying processes of new potential customers.

If you want to deepen the Buying Process and how to analyze it, click here.

According to the ConnectionFunnel® method, each step of the buying process corresponds to a specific phase of the strategy.
In order to optimize the sales process, this method divides what we have just seen into three main phases: 


  • Investment
  • Monetization
  • Capitalisation


So here is the complete ConnectionFunnel® method:

ConnectionFunnel: investimento monetizzazione capitalizzazione | Manuel Faè

If you want to know in detail how to develop a marketing strategy (and also deepen your knowledge of these three phases), I invite you to follow the online WMI strategic web marketing course.

After what we have seen, in order to define an effective strategy, the question you have to ask you is not “how do I sell online?” but “how do my customers buy online?” and only after this identify the right tools to achieve your goal.

ConnectionFunnel: processo di acquisto, strategia e strumenti di marketing | Manuel Faè

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