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What is Connection Manager® Certification and why is it born?

The Connection Manager® Certification is dedicated to strategic web marketing professionals.

Its aim is to give value to those web marketing professionals who work in an ethical and deserving way (i.e. bringing concrete results) and help companies to choose the right professional for their digital communication strategy.

Connection Manager | Manuel Faè

Too often companies are not aware of the real skills of the consultants or agencies they rely on. The choice is based on factors such as notoriety, authoritativeness resulting from writing books or participating as a speaker at events, importance of their clients, etc.. However, these characteristics do not actually demonstrate concrete results. In other words, it is not obvious that this consultant or agency really knows how to do what he promises and achieve the results he is talking about.

The good news is that for every consultant/agency that operates in a superficial and unproductive — in some cases incorrectly — way, there are many others that work impeccably, generating concrete and demonstrable results for their clients, even though they do not enjoy the same visibility as the former. Therefore, our goal is to give visibility to web marketing professionals who have real skills.

Who is the Connection Manager®?

Over time, many entrepreneurs have asked us advice about professionals to whom they could entrust the web marketing strategy of their company. Advising a professional is not easy because this represents a great responsibility for us — somehow that professional will represent us in the eyes of the entrepreneur who has decided to trust us.

Connection Manager Certificati | Professionisti di Web Marketing

For this reason, in 2016 we started the first experimentation of the Connection Manager® project that led us to define a standard, that is to say to identify the fundamental characteristics that a strategic web marketing professional must have to be defined as such.

Specifically, we have identified 3 essential requirements:

  1. Time (experience + practice): experience is what distinguishes an expert from a beginner. Knowing the theory but never putting it into practice has a very poor value. What has been learnt in books or during courses must necessarily be applied over and over again (even making some mistakes) for a period of time long enough to make the beginner an expert (from 3 years and up).
  2. Strategic skills: a professional who develops web marketing strategies does not necessarily have to be an expert of one or more tools, but surely he must know their main characteristics in order to identify those suitable for his/her client and the roles they must assume within the strategy. In the same way, the expert of one or more tools can also be an expert in strategy as long as he or she does not consider the tool in which he or she is specialized to be the best, suitable in all cases. If this is the case, it means that he or she does not think strategically and therefore cannot be a Connection Manager.
  3. Results: increase in turnover, profits, number of customers acquired. These are just a few examples of what we mean by concrete results and are the consequence of a well planned and structured web marketing strategy — that is the coordinated set of tactics, channels and tools that work together to achieve a common goal.

Therefore, experimentation has turned into a certification procedure for those professionals who, after having studied the WMI course, will apply to join the programme, will have to present at least one successful case study and will have to pass an examination in which they will demonstrate their skills in strategic web marketing.

Connection Managers® represent our “recommended choice” because they have proven to meet specific requirements and for this reason we feel confident in recommending them to entrepreneurs/companies that need them.

Manuel Faè Alessandro Sportelli Connection Manager | Corso di web marketing strategico WMI

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The Connection Manager® Academy

The Connection Manager Academy is a path organized by WMI srl and dedicated to web marketing professionals. The course consists of 6 meetings (2 or 3 days each) on a monthly basis, divided between Training Day and Focus Day.


Connection Manager Academy | Manuel Faè

Training Day

The Training Days are practical web marketing workshops where Connection Managers® can deepen the ConnectionFunnel® method by practicing and comparing strategy and real cases. During these days professionals will work in teams and discuss different cases. Each team will work on a different case study with the aim of developing its own project in relation to the topic of the day.

The Training Days are reserved exclusively for Connection Managers®. 

Focus Day

The Focus Days are advanced courses on specific topics in the world of Digital Marketing. The meetings will focus on the deepening of web marketing tools and channels and for this reason they are exclusively addressed to those who work in the sector (consultants, agencies, employees or company managers), but not necessarily Connection Manager® certified.

Unlike Training Days, Focus Days are open to the public (compatibly with the available places in the classroom).

Connection Manager Academy, calendar of meetings 2020 – Training Days and Focus Days

January 31, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
February 1-2, 2020: Focus Day “Advanced Google Display Network”

March 6, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
March 7, 2020: Focus Day “Voice Search Impact”

April 3, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
April 4, 2020: Focus Day “Influencer Marketing con gli Attributi”

May 15, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
May 16, 2020: Focus Day “Ecommerce Automation Strategy”

September 18, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
September 19, 2020: Focus Day “Local Marketing Detective”

October 16, 2020 (Training Day – reserved for Connection Managers)
October 17-18, 2020: Focus Day “Facebook Ads Extreme per Ecommerce”

Connection Manager Academy Calendario corsi 2020

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