Book – Il Succo del Web Marketing

Alessandro Sportelli e Manuel Faè

Everything ENTREPRENEURS should have known BEFORE investing online [and that no one ever told them]

Libro Il Succo del Web Marketing di A. Sportelli e Maneul Faè

What is this book about?

In its 313 pages, this text — which has sold more than 8,000 copies — aims at making entrepreneurs as aware as possible of a world — that of web marketing — that, for various reasons, has not been shown for what it really is.

Although we know that companies live on sales and not on “like & hearts” on social media, even today, too often digital marketing issues are developed around topics that have little to do with the real goals of companies.

Information about web marketing is sometimes partial and very technical, if not even shoddy and misleading.

For many entrepreneurs, all this makes Digital Marketing and the online presence of their company still a nightmare.

Together with Alessandro Sportelli, I wrote “Il Succo del Web Marketing” for those entrepreneurs who live this nightmare. Our goal is to awaken them so that they will be able to:

  • know the basics of strategic online marketing
  • avoid scams
  • choose the right web agencies and web marketing consultants
  • correctly select the information they need to take into account when talking about digitization and online marketing

The aim of the book is to make entrepreneurs aware of a complex world — that of web marketing — which is not always easy to understand. Strategic web marketing is an opportunity to be seized, but first of all you need to understand the basics.

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Il succo del Web Marketing Libro | Manuel Faè

Il Succo del Web Marketing – Index

The book exists only in Italian. Here is its table of contents: 


  1. Why is this book dedicated to entrepreneurs?
  2. Why is this book also for agencies and consultants of Web Marketing (only those that really work)?
  3. What do you have to do now?
  4. Why is Web Marketing fundamental?
  5. Why don’t your investments in Web Marketing produce results?
  6. The #1 scourge of Web Marketing for entrepreneurs: information
  7. Evaluation errors 
  8. What (Web) Marketing really is 
  9. The ConnectionFunnel® story: 15 years of Web Marketing 
  10. The buying process
  11. Examples, case studies and strategic suggestions
  12. The Web Marketing Project
  13. Roles and delegation: are you the general or the soldier?
  14. What you should have known before


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